Join us for a night of visual and performance art–a party to celebrate the hustle and the drive to keep creativity flowing–in support of local New York artists and small businesses!

Photography, paintings, dance, poetry, and more…stay tuned for a full program!

The doors open at 7:00, live performances are dispersed between 7:30 and 10:00, and a DJ set will take us through till 11pm! $10 at the door towards our overhead costs, beer & food served for suggested donations.

The various pieces featured in Our Now represent how art is used to stop time and reflect on the chaos of any given moment. All of the creators included in Our Now are based in New York City. We wanted to see how artists in such an infamously fast paced environment still the disarray, forming a diverse yet cohesive portrayal of the human experience.

Two organizations, paralleled by their missions, paired up to fulfill this objective.

Olympia has a focus on advancing gender marginalized artists representation in the fine arts and KNC has a focus on fostering community and creativity while celebrating diversity.

Come hungry because we’ll be serving appetizers prepared by Just Soul, a catering company with a mission as praiseworthy as its food. Learn more about them here.

And come with some extra cash cause we will be featuring CBD wellness products as well as smaller jewelry pieces & sage/Palo santo/Yerba Santa bundles by the amazing folks at BreadxButta. Learn more about them here. .

There will be a photo booth :) :)

*$10 admission fee*