Date: January 4 – January 17, 2018
Opening: Thursday, January 4 , 6-8pm
Location: Onishi Gallery, 521 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10001
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am-6pm

The first show, Group I, will be hosted from January 4th to January 17th, 2018. This group features: Angeline Payne, Bruno Levy Truffert, Taka Horii, Kimihiro Koike, Sheetal Shaw, Miho Murakami, Tomoya Takeshita and Tatiana Rivero Sanz.

Taka Horii was born in 1965, Nara, Japan. He graduated from Tama Art University, then learned about many types of paper while working at a sales agency dealing in fancy paper and Japanese paper products. In 2015, he started studying Japanese traditional paper and also began his career as an artist using modern art sumi (black ink) and washi Japanese paper. His artworks are made using a combination of these traditional materials and acrylic which has excellent durability.

Kimihiro Koike was born in 1943 in Gunma, Japan. He has been producing photographic artworks for many years. The concept for his artworks is a combination of Japanese traditional art and 21st century techniques. He uses typical Japanese scenes and then expresses them by editing using modern technology.

Miho Murakami is an oil painting artist born in 1946, in Kobe City, Hyogo, who has been studying the basics from age 10. After graduating from art school, she chose to develop her own unique style, rather than join an established painting school. After experiencing the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, the symbol of the “Heart” became her theme. The recurring concept in her artworks depict apples which expresses life. She paints them with a feeling of elevation, with fire and power using vivid reds and complimentary greens to enhance the effect.

Tomoya Takeshita born in Osaka, Japan in June 1982, learned photography on his own, after holding a group art exhibition in Osaka in 2000 as an amateur, then moved to Tokyo to start his professional career in 2005.He has created many photographs and video works together with a number of artists in Japan and overseas including a world renowned trumpeter, Terumasa Hino. Tomoya is enthusiastic in creating theme-based art works with various artists such as a leading Flamenco dancer, Mayumi Kagita (Arte y Solera), and Miho Tsurutani, the first Japanese to became a member of the English National Ballet.

Angeline Payne Canadian West Coast Contemporary artist’s educational art studies at the Toronto School of Art, University of Alberta, Lakehead University, Cariboo College and advanced private studies has taken her art academics through the realms of multi-medias, abstract, cubism and beautiful representational still life, landscapes, and seascapes. She states that “ Color and energy are my gurus – a constant challenge in my personal oasis…”

Bruno Levy Truffert was born in 1962 in Paris. He graduated from ESRA – Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle- (Audiovisual Production College) and from INALCO – National Institute of Languages, in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, the contemporary Khmer and Siamese Department. He has settled in Siem Reap, where he produces Angkorian works of art illustrating the past and the future simultaneously – Perspectives of monumental reconstructions – Angkorian Mandalas. He also teaches Khmer to expatriates and moderates conferences on Angkorian history, culture and art.

Sheetal Shaw is an American (Indian born) visual artist and designer working in clay, fiber, wood, metal and acrylics creating sculptures, modern objects, paintings interweaving personal narrative and cultural memory. Sheetal grew up in New Delhi and immigrated to the US in 1999. She has a BA from University of New Delhi and a BFA from Arizona State University.

Tatiana Rivero Sanz was born in Barcelona in 1969. She works as a multimedia artist in photography, painting, poems, sculptures, performance art, and short films. “I build a universe in my studio (through paint and sculptures) for my photo sessions. I create an experience for the model, sometimes I model too. The recording of those sessions becomes a short film. I tell stories both with words and with images.

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