Gail Flanery and Sarah E. Brook present “Widening” at the Lazy Susan Gallery, a 2-person exhibition curated by AS | Artists Studios, that highlights brand new directions in both artists’ respective practices, exploring the opening of new relationships with their work.

Gail Flanery’s prints and collages are driven by vision, uncertainty, knowledge, and exploration of materials. She is seduced by printmaking’s dual potentials of exploration and control, and consistently maintains an attitude of provocation in her practice. The act of risk-taking and challenging herself to be surprised keep her concepts from repeating, and her work continually pushes forward. In these most recent pieces, Flanery has increasingly explored and pushed line, composition and color. Still, she seeks to widen the possibilities.

Sarah E. Brook’s installation and limited edition prints investigate the relationship between identity and the physicality of place, with particular emphasis on expanse as a transformative mechanism. Brook’s light-permeable materials and painted gradients offer opportunities for the viewer to both visually and psychologically enter a piece, using relationship with place (both extant and created) as an experiential catalyst for re-encountering the self.

Lazy Susan Gallery (191 Henry Street, NY, NY 10002)
Opening Reception: September 13th 6-8pm
Running through: September 18th