Fellows Collage

The Fellowship for Utopian Practice, Spring 2017
Artists and other creative professionals are encouraged to apply with ideas for highly interactive projects that engage the public and expand their practice beyond its traditional boundaries. The Fellowship for Utopian Practice is a process-based fellowship that allows room for development of big ideas that have real world applications. The Fellows will have a year-long tenure that begins in the late Spring 2017, and will receive logistical, institutional and financial support as well as mentorship and help with strategic planning.

Culture Push is a NYC-based arts non profit that supports the process of creating new modes of thinking and doing and serves a diverse community of creative people. The programs of Culture Push focus on collaboration and group learning through active, participatory experiences. The Fellowship for Utopian practice started in 2012 and provides an opportunity for artists and other professionals to experiment with new forms of civic and social engagement. In these past five years we have supported twenty-three projects that explore diverse subjects such as: the reciprocal relationship between native Brooklyn plants and urban-dwelling humans, the architecture and choreography of civil resistance, the legacy of black female authors, choreographed movement as a tool for creating solidarity with incarcerated individuals, and accessible forms of sustainability.

Visit www.culturepush.org to learn more about the fellowship, and email cp@culturepush.org with any questions.