Art on Paper was a real charm of a show – which is good because it is off the beaten path – located on Pier 36 on the East River by Chinatown. The parking lot was so crowded with Uber drivers, I thought they sponsored a parade. On the plus side I scored a real nice dumpling lunch for $5 after leaving the show. All that said, it was worth going out there – they had a great assortment of galleries and work. Subjects trended towards the traditional with a lot of landscape and still lifes. There was also a lot of reductive work, a concentration of form and means.

Uprise Art is showing a series common objects painted in muted colors by Kristin Texeira and a series of molded paper works using bright colors and rounded/squiggly forms by the team of Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao. It’s a really nice combination of work that is playful and clever without being forced.

Hathaway Contemporary Gallery has a group of tiny toast paintings done in a variety of colors by Tori Tinsley that are very sweet – like a Josef Albers breakfast.

David Lusk Gallery has a wall of paintings by Tim Crowder that are small still life objects anchored by a large cloud sculpture held in place by a line that surrounds his work in a circuitous path and is held in place by a counterweight.

Littlejohn Contemporary is showing landscapes by Lily Prince that use drawn patterns to build texture and define space. They also have a selection of small abstract paintings by Sarah Hinckley that use simplified shapes with a bright palette.

Barbara Macfarlane’s work at Rebecca Hossack has a different take on the landscape, painting a series of NYC maps that have been abstracted. Individual blocks have been painted on the grid resembling a designer’s color swatch in shades of blue-grays or reds.

Hayley Rheagan’s photos at Richard Levy focus on architectural details in a palette of pastels abstracting buildings into discreet geometric shapes and angles.

CG Boerner has a series of multi-page works by David Rathman of demolition derby trucks that are just fun especially in the context of sharing space with a collection of historical prints on the back wall.

Gallery Sam in the far corner of the fair has a colorful booth featuring geometeric abstractions by Richard Timperio, the text based color fields of Louise Sloane and a series of jewel encrusted works by Art Guerra.

Art on Paper
Pier 36 | 299 South Street
New York, NY