Uncommon Landscapes featuring Capucine Bourcart and Sui Park opens Wednesday, July 13, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Art in FLUX, 163 Lenox Avenue between 118th and 119th Street.

Bourcart and Park are two quite remarkable artists with an astute attention to detail. Bourcart traverses the city with her camera, documenting by color and then rearranging fragments of the photos in meticulously layered monochromatic patterns. Sui creates a new landscape by interrupting rigid city spaces with amoebic forms that take on a life of their own, coaxing fluidity in environs that without her influence exist with lines, edges and constraints. Neither artist would be placed in the category of a “landscape” artist, Bourcart a photographer and Sui working in three-dimension, but their inspiration comes from their keen observation and documentation, and a kind of call and response to their surroundings.
FLUX guests are invited to cool off for a drink and conversation at these neighboring locations for a special Happy Hour on July 13 with $5 cocktails and more!

Exhibition Information:
Uncommon Landscapes
Opening Reception: July 13, 6-9pm
July 13 – August 31, 2016
Open weekdays throughout July and August and by appointment 646-340-3479 or

163 Lenox Avenue between 118th and 119th Streets, Harlem, NY

Capucine Bourcart and Sui Park

For more information: 646-340-3479