“Unusually Natural”
Pop-up Group Show

Friday November 20 – Sunday November 22
at IDEAL GLASS Gallery: 22 East 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003
TEL+1 212 598 3030
Event info: http://www.idealglass.org/unusually-natural/

We human beings are part of nature, we belong to it and it affects us an assortment of ways and often changes our condition both mentally and physically. Nature functions out of necessity and influenced by its relationship to other elements; its shapes are transformed over an immense period of time.

A wired shaped baobab tree – elephant’s trunks
We human beings are part of this chain.

Just like nature, our creations are developed in a ‘naturally unusual way’. The artworks presented in this show are not only a reflection on how nature transforms itself but also an attempt to imitate its mysterious ramifications.

Friday November 20 6PM – 9PM
with PERFORMANCE at 8PM by
Yuko Uchida & Kenichi Nakajima

The beat is the rhythm of blood and breath, the internal organs’ voice and movements. We have beats inside of us. Sounds, colors and movements shape our beat – it flows out of our souls.

-Participated Artist-
Aya Ogasawara
Eri Honda
Kakeru Asai
Kei Kato
Kenichi Nakajima
Yasuaki Okamoto
Yuko Uchida