Apples, Red, Yellow, Pink
24” x 18”




Little Man, Thinking
24” x 18”


Lost in Thought
24” x 18”




Still Life, Red Canister
24” x 18”



Open Studio

Thursday, Friday and Saturday (October 22nd, 23rd, 24th) my studio will be Open as a part of the Garment District’s Annual Arts Festival (Thurs. 6-10pm, Fr. 6-10pm and Saturday 1:00-6:00pm)


Artist Statement

I am a born and bred Manhattan based artist. I have been creating my art for the past 28 years and exhibiting and selling for the past 23 years.

My art is rich with color, refined form and sensitivity of expression.  It incorporates aspects of design used throughout Art History. And it expresses a true soulfulness commensurate with the caliber of life influences, exposure and experience that I claim for myself.
In all my art, line form and a refined drawn image are as important to me as color, paint and paint application. I am always aware of the canvas or paper as the flat 2 dimensional object that it is. I am always aware of my viewer. And, I am always thinking of how I am leading my viewer around each canvas and why. My viewer connects with my art and the soul or essence of my subject matter as well as with me and what has moved me. And, with these new combination, mixed pieces on paper, and all that is there as well as what is not there, the viewer gets to fill and be part of the story presented while at the same time experience the colorful and gestural spirit I have captured.
My art has been and currently is on display permanently in notable public spaces in New York City as well as in private homes and businesses throughout the world.
My art is available for purchase and/or I am always happy to do commissions.