Artist Paul Baumann was accepted to do an installation for the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His new piece, Taxonomy 23 forms of encounter (memory, afterimages, histories): Displacement is his largest art installation to date, custom designed for the Academy’s historical building in upper Manhattan. The sculpture is 12 feet high, and is an extremely detailed, mixed media composition that requires months of hard work on the part of a whole team of experienced artists to be completed.The piece is conceived as an extension of the Taxonomy project, a series Paul has been making for the last decade. In this latest elaboration, T-23 collects, even as it reconstructs, impressions of a space—taking into consideration the building’s architecture, historical roots, shifting spatial perspectives, and photographic / digital reinterpretations — making this ‘taxonomic’ collection tangible through mixed media. The materials used are large photographic papers, transparent fabrics, inks, wood and clay materials, cameras and projectors.

Paul is currently seeking funding for his project, you can learn more at the INDIEGOGO Project page: