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Artist Statement

In these digital times, painting is a slow process and, commercially speaking, an awful choice of expressive medium. However, painting is the medium that has survived best over the years, and I cannot relinquish the aim of executing fine painting. One must have a hefty dose of patience to resist the temptation of immediate success. I believe works are seeds; they do not reach completion upon being exhibited. In fact, this is where their development begins.

My ideas for new artworks do not come from thin air. They are drawn from associations of different facts. Facts can be actual events. Facts can be diverse images produced by diverse media. They can also be unreal occurrences and images developed within the mind. New works are often continuation of old works. Ideas may spring from the association of different facts. They can also derive from the sedimentation of past experiences.

My paintings are large-scaled because I was born in a place of vast open vistas and also because I am interested in landscape. I want people to walk into my painting to experience it, not only look at it.