1.Reed-The Seed_600W 2.Reed-Gravity_600W 3.Reed-Downward Causation_600W The Music of Chance: Movement Number 2

1. The Seed Acrylic on canvas 72″ x 72″ 2014
2. Gravity Suite Acrylic on 10 canvases 60″ x 54″ 2014
3. Downward Causation Acrylic on canvas & found frame 21.5″ x 29″ 2013
4. The Music of Chance Acrylic on canvas 26″ x 24″ 2013

Kristin Reed: Art that explores consciousness through balance and chaos

“My work is an exploration of human consciousness where I am learning to see an inner reality within a very large cosmic reality. What is the structure of this inner/outer space and time? What does that look like on a canvas? I am becoming much more aware of the cosmos, our planet, and our connection to and reflection in both.

I look back to the most ancient human geometrical symbols and find that quantum physics is now rediscovering this very geometry as the 2-D representation of how space/time is constructed. I like to contrast the chaos and balance in our lives. The chaos is represented by expressionistic marks, drips, color/light, random patterns, and found-objects. The symmetry and order of sacred symbols found in Earth’s most ancient civilizations represents perfection, unity, wholeness and infinity. In this process I’m finding that my work is becoming who I am.”