Urban Folk Art® Gallery was opened in January 2011. To celebrate the continual success of bringing great undiscovered, emerging, and established artists to the public, we are having an art show featuring 2 of the originating members of the collective. The Urban Folk Art® Studios was founded 23 years ago in 1991. The gallery is the latest physical manifestation of the collective.

Adam Suerte founder of Urban Folk Art Studios and lead curator of the gallery is a born and bred, lifelong Brooklyn resident. From drawing, painting tattooing, comic, print and mural making, his work speaks to the urban environment he has surrounded himself by since birth. He is also co owner of the adjacent Brooklyn Tattoo

Jason Mitchell, co founder of UFA® as the collectives first intern, and has helped helm the collectives image in many ways for over 2 decades . Mitchell has a BFA in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design and is a print maker and musician. Mitchell has his own T-shirt line and has made T-shirts for several high-end T shirt lines and major labels. His T-shirt line, MIDAS Images, stand for Music Inspired Drawings Are Sound. Music is a constant source of inspiration for him- to learn more check out his tumblr –

Opens Friday Jan 24 from 7-10pm

Urban Folk Art Gallery
101 Smith Street, Brooklyn