When it happens it really happens.
I become a lamb and take to the next field.
Deceptively we reiterate all of the main components that came before.
As it is to strive to make something new it all is itself.
Where the mind reiterates, the hand develops a new attitude towards the plane.
Beginning to make sense comes as a second degree priority.
The mystery in life will reveal itself to be more mysterious.
Taken as a whole the picture is everything.

My life’s work has been made on the beach, the second floor, the basement, in the woods and the city. Putting disparate elements together to create a whole, though we may not know what it means. Like the places I have called home the art I create reflects the living will of the art spirit. From a small town on the Finger Lakes to a suburban alcove in Florida the need to create has always been present. Even at a young age It seemed different,  making potions in the backyard with friends and seeing the densities of the different liquids and how they separate. Life has always been full of mysteries and surprises. Or to one of my first art pieces made as a child, it is an alligator but you may call it what you like. I know where I have been and what I have done but to me it seems but a sliver of reality compared to things to come.




Crass hour long hue | Acrylic, ink, tape, paper, string on canvas | 2013


Sleeping Lines | Acrylic, ink, paper, pastel, foam, on canvas | 2013