What if Salvador Dali was born in 1983 instead of 1904? Imagine his childhood filled with images of urban America instead of the beautiful countrysides of Spain. What would his work look like if he painted out of a studio in Brooklyn, a product of this generation, influenced by our fashion, music, and style?
Envision a Salvador painting about the issues facing modern society, inspired by things like the internet, social media, corporate america, politics, religion, and more. Witness Dali’s masterpieces reworked through an updated lens as art history collides with modern culture. I intend to pick up where he left off, with more than fifty years of perspective to guide me along they way. It is a humble tribute to my greatest inspiration.
Opening September 5th. 2013.
Sacred Gallery NYC
424 Broadway 2nd Floor (Between Canal and Howard)
New York, NY 10013
Exhibition runs from September 5th –  October 31st.
About Brian Kirhagis:
BK’s work demands your full attention as it is easy to overlook the treasures hidden in the details. He creates complex compositions utilizing space and form by weaving together multiple visual planes. These striking pieces allow the viewers mind to decipher several images while simultaneously following a broader story within the same piece. BK has gained recognition by consistently producing refreshingly original concepts that are both intellectually and visually stimulating. Inspired by the surrealists, he employs an altered view of reality to focus on current events and social issues, using art as a tool to shed light where there is darkness. Boasting an impressive range of subject matter, a deft handling of various mediums, and an uncanny ability to write stories on canvas with acrylic paint, BK has already firmly established himself in the art world. As he continues to evolve and develop artistically, he is committed to pushing the limits of what art can be.