Artist Statement

I am a New York City based Expressionist oil painter having been painting for the past 26 years and showing and selling my art for 21 years. After many evolutions with my art, it is at a place where color is my true subject, always, while the essence or spirit of my subject matter, whatever it is (a figure, a still life or an object) is what leads the viewer through the emotional journey that is my art. Drawing is also significant for me and while all my paintings come from my own drawings, the process of drawing for me as well as the process of my painting are what I am really trying to reveal ultimately in each painting. The viewer’s relationship with the art and thus mine with the viewer are strong and present and sought after.

Reflection 38 x 42

Reflection 38″ x 42″ Oil on Canvas 2012

Visions Newest RD

Visions 30″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas 2013

Finally Sprung

Finally Sprung 24″ x 18″ Oi on Canvas 2013

Twin Radiance

Twin Radiance 26″ x 20″ Oil on Canvas 2013

Intimate Trinity 16 x 42

Intimate Trinity 16″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas 2013