“Giant Little Things” is an expression of the balance between the very small, showcased in a larger than life way and the very opposite, juxtaposed into impossible predicaments. Sophie C’est la Vie uses multiple mediums in creating these visual narratives balancing paint, collage and ink.

About the Artist:

Sophie C’est la Vie transfers images of innocent and raw beauty into visual allegories balanced with softness and occasional subtle darkness. Pulling from organic references as well as hints of whimsical satire, her current work engages the individual and inspires them to look deeper into the subject matter and see more than what immediately meets the eye. Having lived across the country and abroad, Sophie draws her inspiration from the ever changing movement in life and creative forms around her. A native Texan, she currently resides and works as a painter and a tattoo artist in Brooklyn, New York. She has been featured in a number of publications including Inked Magazine and Working Class Magazine. Her art has been displayed in various group exhibitions in New York City with “Giant Little Things” being her debut solo exhibition.

About Eight of Swords:

Eight of Swords combines fine art exhibitions, custom tattooing, body piercing, and boutique shopping in a relaxed and unique environment. Housed in an original Williamsburg storefront built in the 1840s, Eight of Swords harkens back to an old­ world style ambience in a clean and inviting environment. Under ornate tin ceilings, wrought iron chandeliers and a warmly lit decor, patrons can browse new art exhibits and an exclusive collection of jewelry while the low meditative buzz of tattoo machines blends with selections of jazz, soul, blues, and rock. Every detail at Eight of Swords reflects a commitment to style and perfection.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 13 from 7-11pm

115 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249