Since opening Crest Hardware in 1962, Manny Franquinha has become an icon in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn through his dedication to customer service and focus on community improvement. Crest Hardware is an exemplary family business that has strengthened and transformed with their community’s ever-evolving needs and passions. As current owner of Crest Hardware and curator of the art show, Manny’s son Joe Franquinha and partner Liza Shields create a unique non-traditional atmosphere to showcase the hardware-inspired artwork of over 150 artists; representing areas within and beyond the borders of the five boroughs, including places as close as Massachusetts and as far as Munich, Germany & Korea.

C.H.A.S. is a unique experience appealing to a broad range of patrons while exhibiting numerous artistic mediums. The ideas and concepts in the art show are rendered on multiple creative levels, allowing for an accessible experience and journey throughout the 10,000+ square feet of indoor and outdoor retail space. Crest Hardware is retooled into a recognized art gallery over the summer, in 2012 281 pieces were showcased. This year will proudly mark the 12th anniversary of the C.H.A.S.

Show closes August 17th.

Photos by Fred Gutzeit