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Suejin Jo “Reflections of Light and Thought”
Opens Friday April 12, 2013
6:30 – 9pm

Reverol & Co. presents Suejin Jo’s first solo show with the gallery, entitled Reflections of  Light and Thought. Suejin has produced a series of works that focus on color, water elements and shapes – making the invisible visible through the prism of art.

Suejin Jo, is a Korean Born Contemporary artist living and working in New York City. She studied with Stamos and Vytlacil at the Art Students League where she won McDowell Award juried by Richard Pousette D’art and Romare Bearden, which sent her to Europe for a year. Over the years Jo has painted with the unique medium of oil and dry pigment using the process of “inlay” like Korean potters of the 11th century. Helen Harrison of The New York Times described Jo’s painting as having the character of an ancient wall painting”.

As she describes it:
“I like to put ambiguous thing(s) in enticing environments. Images are most often born when something in current time clicks to something in memory. I am against all digital, technical, mechanical, superimposed, reconfiguring, manipulating, or photographic methods. I build my paintings cell by cell. I start with the lines. I let the first layer of acrylic paint seep under the lines organically. Then I build the muscles and the skin with oil and dry pigment. With a palette knife I knead the dry pigment onto wet oil paint at various drying stages. This process is a ‘river of no return’ — I cannot make corrections.”

Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art, 300 Huguenot Street, New Rochelle NY 10801