Drawings from DMZL by Jade Fusco at Henry’s Wine and Spirit

Henry’s Wine and Spirits in Bushwick announces its first art show to open on April 5th, DRAWINGS from DMZL. The show presents a selection of line and mixed-media drawings by Jade Fusco, from the body of work created for her first solo exhibition in Berlin in the summer of 2011, entitled “Just Fell Asleep.” With each of these drawings, Fusco attempts to anchor and trace the elusive entities that surface in her mind as it slips from its waking state into sleeping consciousness. The resulting lines are a carnival of shadow pirates, parading boogiemen, and drifting thought tokens, their spidery skeletons momentarily composed and poised for our observation.

The opening is taking place on Friday April 5th from 7 to 10pm at Henry’s Wine and Spirit, located at 69 Central Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206.