My work is multidimensional and experimental in intent, operating in the domain between video, sculpture and installation. Along with materials such as furniture and raw plywood, I combine live video elements with sequential video stills, which are printed out on extended lengths of inkjet roll paper. This combination of materials gives me access to a board vocabulary, and the means to implement or refer to incidents of both material reality and non-physical phenomena.

The most basic impulse behind the work is in bridging divides, and in making/providing paths to new connections or associations. The disparate materials and configurations both reside together and can individually seem to stand alone, so as to leave the viewer in the position of coming up with her/his own associations and meanings. The old furniture or raw wood, combined with the effects of contemporary technology such as live video, electrified media players and flat screen TVs suggests readings on experientially diverse realms and qualities of time, alongside daily human experience.

2011; 120 x 140 x 60″
Tables, plywood, flat screen TVs, video players, DVD player, inkjet printed video stills on paper
This multidimensional sculpture/installation is made of tables, plywood and inkjet printed video stills, and includes six live video elements. The work fills out and expands upon the original video, “Dragons of Iceland.”

Above: TABLETOP CITYSCAPE (with embedded video)
2010; 12 x 96 x 48 in
Table, video stills, found wood, mixed media, video, mini projector and embedded video monitor

This cityscape is made of video stills and found wood. The tabletop city includes a video embedded in a 6″ hole, and a small scale projection of the “Green Chair 2” video.



Above: CIRCLE WALL Wall of circular video stills, with projection
2010; 118 x 161 x 36 in
Inkjet prints of circular video stills on roll paper, video projector and video
CIRCLE WALL is made from circular video still images culled from the video of urban energies that plays in a 6″ diameter hole in the TABLETOP CITYSCAPE. A projector projects the live video on a whited out circle, bottom left.


A curatorial project of Elliot Lessing at SUGAR in Bushwick
2010; 60 x 36 x 36 in
Table, 4 DVD players and video, party accoutrements
A 4 channel video was made for the exhibition, “Party Animal,” using altered video capture of a costume-party at an artist residency. The multi channel video plays on DVD players set among party accouterments.


2012; 35 x 24 x 18″
Child’s table, display stand, video players
The child-size table attaches to the gallery wall in such a way as to appear floating. Manipulated video clips from an artist’s working vacation in a motel room by the water play on 5 video players mounted on an eyeglasses display stand, sitting on the table. Scenes from a another world and sense of time, stand in contrast/relationship to the electrified, contemporary media players.
2009; 3:47 min; 16:9 Widescreen
In GREEN CHAIR 2, the second in a projected series of “green chair” videos, clips from the first GREEN CHAIR, captured in rural upstate New York, have been altered, and new clips from New York City added, as nature, culture and human persistence interface.