The group show, Revisions, highlights four artists working with collage. Revisions shows a variety of approaches to collage that references not only the history of collage which expanded notions of composition, appropriation and juxtaposition, but also the relevance of collage for contemporary artists as a way to reprocess discarded ideas and redistribute programmed information. Collage is both an organizing devise for chaos as well as a means to dismantle of order. These four artists explore some of the ways collage enables us to revise and envision the fragmented world around us.

Opening reception Saturday October 6th, beginning at 6PM with Artist Talks from each of the four participating artists: Carol Keller, Mario Naves, Sandy Litchfield and Rob Swainston. The reception will continue until 9PM.

Brooklyn Art Space | 168 7th Street | 3rd Floor | Brooklyn | NY | 11215