P(AF) NYC will be held at New York’s Premier Event Venue, 82 Mercer. It is a direct art-to-consumer experience that makes a uniquely refreshing conceptual statement about subjectivity and the commoditization of taste. It offers an intellectual framework where visitors can dare to be themselves for a change.
Parallax Art Fair grew out of an international exhibition called Parallax that was conceived and curated by Dr Chris Barlow in London at the Royal Opera Arcade. Parallax AF London is now into its fourth edition and has exhibited object makers of every kind from all over the world.
Like the original exhibition, at the heart of the fair is the practical exploration of new and radical ideas that developed within the professional discipline of art history. The fair becomes an attempt to make a statement about the very real problems concerning knowledge acquisition and objects designated as contemporary art. These are problems often ignored by the art industry, especially the contemporary art industry. The fair and exhibitors become a metaphor of these ideas that critique the contemporary art-fair industry in general and ask questions about the assumptions often taken for granted about our relationship to objects.

Parallax Art Fair recognises no “superiority” or extra-relevance of any form of object making of any kind and questions the ability to determine content in this way- a process that leads to undemocratic structures in the arts. At the edge of the fair’s core is a contradiction: a problem of relativism is absolutism.