WHAT is the ICE machine?

“The ICE Machine” is a steel sculpture that GROWS ICE perpetually regardless of the temperature of its surroundings. It produces a freeze and thaw cycle that makes the sculpture change constantly, showing water and ice in its various states.

Its cyclical nature and constantly changing appearance makes the piece highly experiential – highlighting an element of artistic purpose by creating the piece in the first place, but allowing nature and its purpose to create something beyond our control.

WHY we need your support to install it in FIGMENT 2012?

The ICE MACHINE is aself-contained, complex machine that houses water pumps, freezing mechanisms, and robotics. Its complexity makes it expensive to install and bring to life. It is important that this piece be included in FIGMENT, as the environment is perfect and seemingly in-line with the presentation of the piece in general.

“We want to share this piece. Make people wonder: how can ice be growing (and glowing) in summer, in the middle of a park?

It is an unnatural and natural experience at the same time. It is unexpected. It is magical.”

This sculpture will be featured in FIGMENT 2012 which is June 9-10 in NYC, for more information see the Kickstarter Campaign.