Moustaches, baseball and letterpress cards

Release Party May 3rd from 6-9pm at the Bergino Clubhouse

Left Field Cards is pleased to announce the release of “Marvelous Moustaches”, the third in the ever expanding series of letterpress baseball cards by Brooklyn-based French artist Amelie Mancini.

Following the success of the “Bizarre Injuries” and “Edible All-Stars” series, Amelie Mancini now takes on baseball and facial hair. “Marvelous Moustaches” features ten ballplayers famous for sporting out-of-the-ordinary moustaches, such as Goose Gossage’s unforgettable horseshoe, Rollie Fingers’s fancy handlebar, Don Mattingly’s classic magnum or Rod Beck’s straight forward trucker moustache.

Left Field Cards brings a unique and playful spin on the trading cards loved and collected by generations of fans: the cards are hand printed and postcard-sized, with space in the back for a note, address, and a stamp in lieu of statistics. Each series plays around an unusual theme, such as weird injuries or food-related names, or in the case of “Marvelous Moustaches”, remarkable facial hair.

Amelie Mancini draws and hand carves each design on a linoleum block, which is then used to print on a Vandercook letterpress. The hand printed cards are packed in a hand sewn vellum wrapper and sold in packs of five cards for $15. They can be purchased online and in a selection of stores in Brooklyn, Chicago, Seattle and Portland.

Amelie Mancini is a French-born painter and printmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. After moving to America in 2006, she fell in love with baseball and started Left Field Cards in 2011. Her cards have been featured in the LA Times and Marie- Claire Italia, and on several sports and design blogs such as Design*Sponge, Juxtapoz, The Citrus Report, Uni-Watch and UrbanDaddy.

The Bergino Baseball Clubhouse is hosting a release party for “Marvelous Moustaches” on May 3rd from 6 to 9pm. In addition to the cards, some of the artist’s large baseball paintings will also be on display in the gallery.

Bergino Baseball Clubhouse
67 East 11th Street New York, NY