Muriel Guépin Gallery is pleased to announce “Detritus Splendors”, an exhibition featuring the artworks of Matthew Conradt & Jennifer Williams

This new exhibition featuring collage and installation celebrates and investigates everyday items that are disposed of in a whole new way.

Jennifer Williams- Swim

Opening Reception, Friday April 27, 2012

6:30 – 8 pm

The show will be on view through June 3, 2012

Matthew Conradt- Growing up in the mid-western rust belt, images of wood paneling from trailer homes, giant parking lots, or elaborate, wealthy interiors became portents and signifiers of the substantial class differences that currently exist in this country. Reconstructing scenes of American dreams, or of a capitalist society attempting to define itself, Matthew Conradt creates large-scale collages by printing found digital images from all kinds of media and photo-transferring them onto mylar. Through the act of appropriation, he wants to show the disparities between the realities of the country and the perceptions we show ourselves. What emerges is an American counter-narrative that is steeped in contradictions.

Jennifer Williams – By documenting, deconstructing, and re-composing visual elements of the city, Jennifer Williams gives form to dissonance within the urban geography. The use of photography in her work is cumulative; she uses archival and current self-generated images to build large-scale collage-type forms. Her site-specific compositions work around, through, and over shape, searching for the moment when the initial form “falls off”. By creating pathways that activate passive or overlooked elements within a space, she directs the viewer to engage with it in its entirety. The constructions encourage the use of photography not as a tool to stop time, but instead to control the flow of time passing. At its core her work is an amalgamation of traditional photographic languages and a syntax belonging to the twentieth-century sculptural tradition.

Muriel Guepin Gallery
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