To know my work, know that I know what I do. Every mark is there for a reason, exactly as it is. I describe the world as I feel it and as I understand it rationally, in broad strokes. To find the lexicon of my work, look through the filter of modern painting to the decorative arts: the fluidity of Art Nouveau, the sleekness of Deco, the geometry of the Wiener Werkstatte, the deliberate imperfection of Islamic art, and the graphic tempo of Japanese woodblock prints and screens. Ply that stylistic breadth with the liberty of materiality granted by the Abstract Expressionists. Then take it further, take it off the picture plane. Engage in contemporary explorations of environmental engagement as canvases float free of the wall in installations like heraldic banners. Dig back into the sculptural as paint wraps around the edges of the canvas. Push forward into pictorial understanding enabled by digital renderings and repetitions with multiple panels that dialogue in any configuration.

1.Ms. Henri Ray Smith, Oil on canvas, hanger, cord, and bead, hung at 6’6”, 2012

2.Tiger in the Year of the Dragon, Oil on canvas, 12″ X 36″ X 1.5″, 2012

3.Tiger in the Year of the Dragon, edge, Oil on Canvas, A modular diptych- each canvas is 12″ X 12″ X 1.5″, 2012, edges