For the past few years I have been interested in still life photography and in defining (or rather redefining) what that means. The series represented here “POP”, and “Camera Trickery” are the product of much experimentation. Both series explore the notion that the camera has the ability to capture something that doesn’t exist in real life, or that is momentary.  In order to create this imagery I employ elaborate set ups and create props or apparatuses, the sole purpose of which is to assist me in taking the picture.  I use a lot of affordable materials such as cardboard, tape, and glue, to construct my aids. I grew up in a household where both my parents were scientists, and that has influenced me to approach my work in a systematic way. I often impose rules for guiding my practices. I have found that with limitations comes new types of freedom.



Camera Trickery #2

Camera Trickery #4

Camera Trickery #7