Every month culturefix shuts its doors to produce an inspired dinner party hosting 20 guests at a single table in the gallery. Featuring an ever changing themed tasting menu, the bar transforms into a production area for the execution of complex menus created out of its miniature kitchen. This month’s DINNERfix will comprise of a 6 course tasting menu, including beverage pairings.   Inspiration for this month’s menu comes from Recession Art’s exhibitition titled, Stuck On You, featuring artists Matthew Conradt, Paloma Crousillat, Kate Gavriel, Lawrence Mesich, Ryan Frank, and Johanna Povrik-Znoy.   See below for the menu and stay tuned for a sneak peek at the dishes and see how this menu grows and evolves.

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Course 1-”Scallop Satellite” Scallop Crudo, with abductor salad in Raspberry Sea Urchin Sauce
Paloma Crousillat– Abstract Spirituality, structural, satillites and disks

Course 2- “Long Tall Sally Salad” King Crab Salad with Radish, Fennel, Poppy Seed and Meyer Lemon
Mathew Conradt – Collage, layers, torn, architectural

Course 3- “Thing 3? Hop-on-Popcorn (Spicy Caramel Corn with Malt ball powder) and Green Egg with Ham sauce
Johanna Povrik-Znoy – Bootstrap, yours, oddball, vintage, marxist, dr suess

Course 4- “I am, I eat…My mother” Veal Tongue and Celery Mustard, Beef Cheek with Caramelized Milk Sauce, tater-tots with demi-aioli
Lawrence Mesich – Tounge in cheek, mirrors, slap sauce, momma and its babies

Course 5- “Wide Angle Tunnel Vision” Artichoke Veloute, Raw Artichoke, Crisp Artichoke, Sour Apricot
Ryan Frank – Boxes, wood, blinders, photo

Course 6- “Yule and My Shadow” PB and Chocolate Log, White Chocolate Ganache, “Shadow” Cheramoya sauce
Kate Gavriel – minamalist, dowel, white on white