Green Form (detail)

Red Plastic Form


Yellow Growth from Grid


Artist Statement

Generally my work is about integrating disparate elements, creating unlikely relationships and new meaning to appropriated objects and industrial materials.

Plastic Construction Series:
This series is comprised of blending pre-existing forms into unexpected juxtapositions.  The objects are connected and fit together as if they were made that way. The parts are fastened with metal rod and hardware.  While the objects are seemingly incongruous, they are integrated through color, shape and its past life.
I think of this work as abstract painting.  My palette is a very carefully sorted library of random objects, industrial discards and post consumer waste. I consider every little piece in my palette as a brushstroke with a pre-existing color and shape. While most artists have certain rules that they abide to when making art, I’m against applied color and manipulating the pieces to fit. As the objects are related to each other and fastened onto the canvass, they become blended and transformed into a unified painting. The end result is a pixilated rendering made from the reuse of the mundane.

Found objects are used “as is” and combined into simple composites. The materials become transformed as the referential information of the object’s past life is obscured.  It is the relationship between the materials that causes a subtext of new meaning and leaves the piece open to metaphoric exploration.

Found Surface Series:
A subtle drawing is blended into the natural deterioration of a found material.  The drawing is secondary and is only meant to accent the organic qualities of the aged surface. The materials are chosen according to the revealing marks of its past life.  Then, a sculptural relief or drawing is blended into the surface.  My intention is to highlight the discreet beauty found in the commonly overlooked.