Look What I Found, Oil on Panel, 36″ x 36″

Blue-Green Wave II, Oil on Panel, 16″ x 24″

Blue-Green Wave III, Oil on Panel, 16″ x 24″

Passagio, Oil on Panel, 36″ x 36″

Refuge, Oil on Panel, 36″ x 48″
Artist Statement
I am an archeologist and detective. I love to dig, uncover, restore, resolve, to look for what the light (and dark) reveal and transform. My wood panels act like etching plates that I push color into and print onto. They combine printmaking, drawing and painting that interlace for form an image that is cohesive, while also revealing the interior light and form that is present in the layers of pigment and texture. My environment in NYC is rich with material. But in these paintings, wherever I am there is something to uncover and integrate. It is my commitment to convey the richness and depth of my experiences and observations in this work.