Artist Statement
The goal of my artwork is to combine images from disparate viewpoints into a harmonious whole. My photomontages start with digital photographs. They reflect a mental landscape — the ability of the mind to hold many images simultaneously and blend them together a seamless whole. The result is a densely textured surface, which fluctuates between abstract patterns and recognizable spaces. When you look at a place from one spot you can remember how that it looks from other angles, and even vividly visualize unrelated times and places. I use the computer to make transitions between images.

My subjects come from places I travel, and the streets I walk on every day in New York City. I try to create images which are more than a representation of what the world looks like. I want my compositions to lead the viewer on a journey which triggers memories of the experience of perception, including the contradictions between what we actually see, what we know, and what we remember.


Upcoming Exhibit
Archi / Texture Paintings and works on paper
by Anne Finkelstein and Cora Jane Glasser

Broadway Suites, 99 Madison, 5th floor, New York, New York 10001
November 3rd–March 29th, 2011

Opening reception:
Thursday, November 3rd, 6–8 pm

Pier and Ocean, 2010
12 x 43.75 inches
Digital print on paper

On the Boardwalk, 2011
29.5 x 78 inches
Digital print on paper

Hyannis Station, 2011
30 x 40 inches
Digital print on paper

Study for Shadows & Reflections 1, 2007
22 x 30 inches
Acrylic on linen

Aviation (after David Henderson), 2011
30 x 40 inches
Digital print on paper