Artist Statement
These handmade photo collages are part of an ongoing series, “Architextures,” and they combine my lifelong involvement with both silver-based photography and collage, as discrete and separate practices.
In this series, I combine B&W film photography with cut-and-assembled handwork. While at first the works may appear to be digital montages, closer inspection reveals the texture and layering inherent in the handmade pieces.

These could, with less effort, be created digitally. But it is my love for darkroom work, and the hand-cutting and -arranging of visual elements, which drives this process. Since my first foray into this mode in 2003 with simple small-scale compositions, I have expanded my repertoire to include application of glass and crystal elements, complicated layering, using the paper’s natural curves for 3-D effects, and use of inkjet prints.

Referencing architectural landmarks, a decades-long fascination, these collages deconstruct and reinterpret their subjects, resulting in patterns which draw the eye to follow their hypnotic forms.
Contemporary artists whose work has influenced this series are Dinh Q. Lê, Ray K. Metzker, John Stezaker, and Annette Messager. I am also grateful for the continuing inspiration of the many Modernist and Precisionist practitioners of past decades.


Adrienne Moumin with Kaleidoscope (Starrett-Lehigh)




Fan of the Hirschhorn (Large)

Time Warner Center