Greetings from the Golan Height Winery, 4/2011, Relief Print, 18×24, Edition of 6

Greetings from where Kent becomes Franklin, 2/2011, Relief Print, 18×24, Edition of 12

Greetings from 9th Street, 7/2010, Relief Print, 18×24, edition of 20 published by Cannonball Press

DSCF4038, 11/2010, Relief Print, 22×30, Edition of 6

DSCF4034, 6/2010, 22×30, Edition of 6

Artist Statement
My work considers the dichotomy between natural and industrial while challenging the boundaries of where these two diverge. Our worlds are controlled by infrastructures we’ve built for ourselves, and I am constantly considering how the systems we’ve built encourage us to live so wastefully and disrespectfully.