Follow any person off the street for one day, and watch her shift – between languages, mannerisms, states of mind. He might cover his tattoos for work. She may dress in drag on the weekends. He might have joint custody. She may lie about still going to church. He may have moved into a neighborhood where he is a constant outsider in a tight-knit community.

Whether it’s cultural, racial, emotional, or practical, we all adjust ourselves according to time and place. But for some people, the overlapping edges of one self versus another are stronger, more defined.

BAG is interested in your interpretation and experience of living within overlapping worlds. We are seeking work to join vvitalny’s installation piece, “Poles on Poles: In Pieces,” a sound + poetry installation that explores the intersection of Polish and American culture in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and challenges the viewer to find the points of beauty in another chaotic daily existence.

Your submission may be either work that you have completed already, or a proposal for work generated solely for this show. The opening reception will be October 1st.
Media     All
Submission Deadline     September 1st, 2011
Opening reception     October 1st, 2011
Ending     October 12th, 2011