Brooklyn artist Sheila Goloborotko launches her project 1001 dreams and is requesting submissions from the public.

This project exists in the public sphere. In it, I’ll be taking people’s dreams out of their heads and out of their bed, so to speak, printing them on pillowcases and then seeding them into unexpected, far-flung corners of the City. People will discover them as soft found objects; read them; and maybe even take them home. Then follow instructions printed thereon to send me their dreams—which will then be made into new pillowcases that are going to be left all around the boroughs of NYC.

Dreams can penetrate our lives in so many ways; I’m going to use my art as a vehicle to let them travel from one realm to another—from the unconscious, to the conscious, and back.

Did you find a pillowcase with a printed dream? If so, please fill out the comments using the link below and send me your dream. And if you did not find one and would like your dream to be printed, do the same!

Your dream will make my dream reality.

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