Perspectives Nine Women, Nine Views at Sundaram Tagore Gallery through July 30.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition showcasing the work of nine female artists with viewpoints as diverse as the media they work in. Although these women are from different spheres (Australia, Japan, America) and generations (they range in age from 36 to 81), they have all dedicated their careers to complex intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic explorations. Perspectives: Nine Women, Nine Views is a tribute to the achievement of these internationally renowned artists.

The artists—Miya Ando, Frances Barth, Denise Green, Sheila Isham, Judith Murray, Joan Vennum, Merrill Wagner, Susan Weil, and Betty Weiss—use a wide range of materials including laser-cut mirrors, sterling silver, marble dust, wood veneer, and painted steel.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery is pleased to participate in Chelsea Art Walk July 28, 2011, from 5 to 8 pm. There will be live music, chilled Bellinis, and artists from the show will be on hand during the event.

Pictured above: Furisode Kimono by Miya Ando; Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Patina, Pigment, Lacquer; Dimensions: 56” x 70”; 2011. Photo by Evan Sung. Available through Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

Artist Statement: I created this Furisode (Long Sleeve Style) kimono as a replica of a kimono that my grandmother made for me.  The Furisode style of kimono is only worn by unmarried women, after one is married the custom is to wear short sleeves. I wanted to create a garment that was something between armor and jewelry, very feminine and opulent yet very strong.