Ochre & Orange

Nomadic Cowbird

Mockingbird Music

In Praise of the Pidgeons

Amanda's Warbler

Artist Statement
My love of birds and their gift of flight is a recurring theme in much of my work often used used as a metaphor (although I rarely paint them in flight.) for life. The subtlety of patterns in natural forms and the colors as they appear in the natural world interest me. That juxtaposed with my love of patterns and color in textiles and the material world is the basis for much of my visual exploration. I have always been interested in our relationship with nature.

I have been Influenced greatly by my years working as a printmaker. Paper is my favorite surface to paint, and often paint in layers working with the residue of pigment that gets trapped within the fibers. City parks and the wildlife they support have been my refuge growing up in Brooklyn, they continue to be my tonic for life.

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