VJ Fuzzy Bastard creates densely-layered video collages, which he makes live at party and lounge spaces throughout Brooklyn.

He begins by assembling images from all of cinema, with a special focus on early-20th-century experimental and dance films. Those shots are fed through video processing software that layers the images, applies effects, and reacts to ambient sound to make the pictures dance.

VJ Fuzzy Bastard reel from VJ Fuzzy Bastard on Vimeo.

“A lot of the fun,” he says, “is decontextualizing moments from cinema history and creating new connections through music. Sampling technology has shown how disparate sounds can be united musically; I try to do the same thing in the visual world.”

VJ Fuzzy Bastard Halloween preview from VJ Fuzzy Bastard on Vimeo.

VJ Fuzzy Bastard plays around NYC. To keep up on his upcoming performances, “Like” his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/VJFuzzyBastard . He also posts new clips every Thursday at http://www.vjfuzzybastard.com

Greatest Hits 2010 from VJ Fuzzy Bastard on Vimeo.