INSIGHT Volume III | Issue 4 features a wonderful cover by Jessica Stoller – who also displays more work within the magazine!! Photographers in this issue give you glimpses into angles of life that surround us: Tessa Hirschfeld-Stoler and NYC’s wall of color; Ana María Agüero Jahannes and regal women of color and Jolie Clifford and a narrative for getting lost.

Juxtaposition of meaning and art can be experienced in Tanya Austin’s painting spread; Vineeth Thomas’ feature on Shawn Hollenbach, Andrew Folster’s poetry and Lavelle Everett’s painting on the child soldier aftermath. Ward Yoshimoto uses math and the grid format to have a conversation with you through visual art (check out the Crown Royal piece). Steve Riley paints the burden that society puts on the nude human body.

F.O.K.U.S. Cru submissions this issue come from Jamie Killen’s photo essay of his trip to Colombia. Nate Vanderveen writes a three language poem. Allison Lasky’s gives you a glimpse of Ohio’s US-24 in photo. Atiba T. Edwards’ Infinite Playlist provides the soundtrack for the recluse’s search for treasure.

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