faucheux_001_lines2lines 001: 9″ x 9″; ink, paint marker, automotive paint, on paper


bagtag 006: 9″ x 9″ ; found printed paper and glue on paper


lightning: 24″H x 36″W; found printed paper and shellac on canvas


jellyfish: 72″W x 48″H; housepaint, acrylic and shellac on canvas

Artist Statement

my work is about the mechanical expression of natural phenomena. I’ve heard my studio described as the CERN lab of patterns, as if i am actually getting all these individual visual elements moving near light speed and just smash them together on a canvas, looking for the birth of a new universe.

that actually doesn’t sound bad.

each of my pieces is the result of dozens, hundreds or thousands of actions taking place in the same space. each actions bends and transforms the next, adding layers and layers of richness to the surfaces. i have almost found the secrets to bending these forces to my will. almost.