kassan_01Metronome, Oil on Wood, 50×60 inches

kassan_02Approaching Noise (in progress), Oil on Wood, 40×34 inches

Lucas at 3 Months, Graphite on Bristol

Head Study, Oil on Wood, 18×14 inches

Artist Statement

As an expression of his own calculated observation and visual consumption of surrounding environment, introspective glimpses of reality imbue the art of David Jon Kassan. By immersing himself into his subject matter, Kassan is able to infuse his painting with life and realism. Kassan’s direction of realism follows the philosophies emplyed by the Ashcan School of American Realists. Kassan’s influences are varied; citing Robert Henri and John Sloan as his primary influences on philosophy and subject matter. As for style and technique he cites Antonio Lopez Garcia, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and Clyfford Still as influences as well.