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Summer (Part One)

image-3864 Valery Rizzo @ http://www.valeryrizzo.com/ Wonder Wheel, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2007 Valery Rizzo @ http://www.valeryrizzo.com/ Pin-Up Girls, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2007 Lara Wechsler @ http://www.larawechsler.com Sprinkler Fun Lara Wechsler @ http://www.larawechsler.com Flying John Tebeau @ http://www.tebeau.com Nathan's John Tebeau @ http://www.tebeau.com Summer Grill

Jonathan Vingiano

image-339 Artist Statement My current work concerns technology and the interpretation of data that exists in the inaccessible, invisible systems that surround us. For Cell Phone Painting #1 , I established a website which collected the cell phone numbers of willing participants. On a specified date and time, users text messaged painting instructions ...

Maria Tanikawa

image-3863 title: relativity-6 medium: Japanese pigment/metal-leaf/sumi-ink on wood panel dimension: h60” w24” title: vicissitude 2009 medium: collagraph dimension: about h24” w36” title: relativity-twisty 2008-2009 medium: PAINTING(Japanese pigment/metal-leaf/sumi-ink on canvas) dimension: h8” w10” Artist Statement I was born in 1978 and raised in Japan. After obtaining a BFA at Tama Art University in Japanese Painting Fine Arts in 2005, I moved to New York ...