“Tattoo”     50″ x 52 ”    oil on linen

“Bluejay, Flicker and Guardian”     16″ x 20 ”    oil on linen

“Ivy”     60″ x 72 ”    oil on linen    2007

“Overlook”     28″ x 48 ”    oil on linen

Artist Statement
I have always been awed and inspired by the mystery and amorality of nature. My paintings deal with carefully selected subjects from my observations, visions, and experiences with the natural world. In the most recent decade, creatures living and dead, have entered into my images. Birds, butterflies, insects, and mammals have become part of the scenes that haunt my thoughts. I investigate the kinship between my envisioned nature and it’s inhabitants and their physical and spiritual machinations and intrigues. I see the natural world filled with both unconscious and symbolic rituals and phenomena. My paintings are meant to give insight into this often unseen world. Creatures become a liaison between our natural world and our human world and imply a kinship to human experience.