“Lifeforms” by John Azelvandre on Exhibit at Dizzy’s

A show of John Azelvandre’s artwork, titled “Lifeforms,” is currently on exhibit at Dizzy’s Restaurant, on the corner of 8th Avenue and 9th Street, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“Lifeforms” is inspired by the following thoughts: The time is long past due
for us to begin treating fossil hydrocarbons and their derivatives as precious
materials, easily on par with gold and diamonds, amber and pearls. This
photosynthetic labour of countless living beings — stellar energies stored up
into the very marrow of these living bodies — is all too commonly burnt up or
refashioned into cheap, tawdry, “disposable” items.

To read more about the show, please visit John’s website blog at:

The show will be up until mid-August. Dizzy’s is conveniently located at the
front (east) end of the 7th Avenue stop on the F-train.